Little-noticed change in spending bill is big leap for addiction treatment, Colorado experts say
Tucked away in a 1,600-page spending bill passed by Congress in December are several paragraphs that, Colorado experts say, will open up a key opioid treatment to more patients and shift America closer to modernizing medical treatment for
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The hottest Gen Z gadget is a 20-year-old digital camera
The Hottest Gen Z Gadget Is a 20-Year-Old Digital
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Colorado’s trying a public option, drug importation and more. What’s actually lowering health care costs?
Most efforts being undertaken by the state's Office of Saving People Money on Health Care are in early
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Colorado rural residents facing hurdles to health care get assistance from a program
In parts of rural Colorado, doctors are few and far between. To help fill that gap in health care coverage, the state and federal governments started a program more than four decades ago catering to rural residents, one free checkup at a
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How smart are the robots getting?
Built by a team of artificial intelligence researchers from the tech giant Meta, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other prominent universities, Franz Broseph is among the new wave of online chatbots that are rapidly moving machines into new
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How the Netherlands is taming Big Tech
In 2021, privacy consultants working for two Dutch universities issued a critical report card on Google’s education apps, a set of classroom tools like Google Docs that are used by more than 170 million students and educators
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GOP bill would regulate what teams transgender student-athletes can play on in Colorado
Two gender-related bills, including Republican-sponsored legislation that would regulate what teams transgender student-athletes can play on, were introduced in the Democratic-controlled Colorado legislature this
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Nuggets’ Jamal Murray: I want to be “better than the Bubble.”
Statistically, Jamal Murray is honing in on being the player he was before the
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Grading the Week: Time for Broncos coaching search to reach logical conclusion — steak orders at Shanahan’s
Is San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans considered "a" top candidate by Denver decision-makers? Or is he "the" top
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Chicago Bulls emphasize internal improvement ahead of the NBA trade deadline: ‘We definitely have enough here’
Something needs to change for the Chicago Bulls. It’ s clear wherever you look: their 22-26 record, their haphazard second-half implosions, their 11th spot in the Eastern Conference standings. After the Bulls’ 111-96 road loss to the Charlotte Hornets on
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Ask Amy: Step-children offer humiliation as their gift
Dear Amy: My husband and I have been married for 10
ASK IRA: Could Magic provide a trade key to help unlock Heat 3-point shooting?
I’ m not saying Terrence Ross would be the be all, end all of the Heat’ s 3- point issues. So Duncan Robinson for Ross? Such a move also could provide luxury-tax relief, allow the Heat to fill their vacant 15th roster spot, and even convert the two-way
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‘The temperature has gone down a little bit’: Colorado’s clerks hope they’ve turned a corner on election disinformation
At their annual conference, local election officials said they will continue to work to win over

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