Boulder x Farm-to-Spaceship Experience Accelerator Program

Experiments in Public Art is a program of ongoing projects across the city which are temporary in nature, responsive to community needs, and interactive/participatory. It generates opportunities for creatives to experiment and communities to engage. Experiments in Public Art works across creative backgrounds, disciplines, and communities. This year’s program partners with FARM TO SPACESHIP, a local arts accelerator program, to focus on COVID Rebound and community connection through experiences over things. (74% of Americans prioritized experiences over products and things, according to a study conducted by Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics.) The program will focus on pandemic recovery through relationship building and experiential, interactive, and temporary public artworks.

2022 Experiments in Public Art is made possible through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and has specific criteria:

  • Creative sector workforce recovery
  • Community healing and collectively looking ahead through creative expressions of the pandemic experience
  • Recovery, resilience, and innovation through creative partnerships between local creatives and businesses

Collaborative Cohort

A cohort of artists, creatives, and local businesses will join this year’s program to work together as we engage in interactive learnings, relationship building, experience design, transformation economy, prototyping and public art creation.

This year’s Experiments in Public Art is designed to be a continuation of the 2020 Creative Neighborhoods: COVID 19 Work Projects.

Participants receive seed funding to support their ideas, direct one-on-one assistance from industry experts and customized learning opportunities throughout the program. Anticipate an 8-month commitment to the program. There will be an initial two-day accelerator workshop to introduce the concept of experience learning and relationship building. The remaining schedule will be developed by participants and include ongoing learning, prototyping, storytelling, and field trips. The cohort will create a final public art project together as a program capstone. Candidates are accepted into the program from through an application process. Once accepted, the program is free for participants with funding for prototyping and the capstone project.


All participants must reside, work, or own a business based in the City of Boulder (as a short-hand, staff will use zip codes beginning in 803 to establish location). All applicants must be of legal contractual age as defined by the state of Colorado (18 years). All applicants must comply with the ordinances and policies of the City of Boulder.

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