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Fire between Lyons & Estes Park - Fire spreading near Big Elk Meadows near mm10 on hwy 36. Calling it big elk fire on scanner submitted by /u/bodangler [link]
Soooo who still doesn’t have power? - I’m right across the street from Avery Brewery and we haven’t had power since nearly 3pm. I’m personally furious because although this was a logical thing to do, I got no warning, excel sent me an email, voicemail, and text only after the outage. I
Bet this squirrel is still stoked–pre-storm snacks! - submitted by /u/Sichtopher_Chrisko [link] [comments]
Renck: Mark McIntosh needs a kidney, but his focus is on recruiting donors - Former CBS sportscaster Mark McIntosh needs a life-saving kidney transplant. Forever healthy and active, his life turned upside down in
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Grocery stores open with power outage? - What grocery stores (if any) are open right now? I need some stuff for supper. Somehow I’ve been living in a hole and didn’t know about any of the power shutoffs until they happened. submitted by /u/Powerwalker75 [link]
What’s the most aggressively Boulder thing you’ve seen someone do today? - Anyone see anyone biking up flagstaff road? See an outline of someone on top of bear peak? Heading into Chataqua with ropes and crash pads? I’m here for the stories. submitted by /u/mac3g1v [link]
RTD FF1 bus service from Boulder Transit Center to Union Station still operating as of 6:14pm But Light Rail E,H,W lines cancelled due to no operator available - Also, Boulder Transit Center is closed inside (no power) but drivers still picking up for the Union Station run More info submitted by /u/Nihilist-Denialist [link]
my power is back on - anyone else? im in the gunbarrel area submitted by /u/forefront_ [link]
Avalanche Journal: Who deserves to win the Hart Trophy? Four players do, but only one will - This should be one of the closest — and most fascinating — votes in league MVP
Where to find eclipse glasses? - Seems like I’m too late to order it online and have it arrive on time. Any stores nearby currently selling them for the Monday eclipse? Thanks submitted by /u/Charitard123 [link]
Hot take about the wind. - Am I missing something or is the wind not that bad? Are they more concerned about the potential for the forest fires and that's why the power is shut off? I feel like there were much more windy days than this in the summer
High winds closed Interstate 25 in both directions north of Fort Collins - Interstate 25 is closed in both directions between Wellington and Colorado's northern border because of extreme winds, according to Colorado State
Xcel told us power comes back at 6:10pm - We got a text from Xcel claiming that our power will be restored at 6:10pm. We’re in Four Mile Creek. submitted by /u/PlowMeHardSir [link]
Outage map via X - submitted by /u/Numerous_Recording87 [link] [comments]
when will peak winds be ? - dare i say….its not that windy?? 🙈🫣 submitted by /u/AggressiveDorito [link]
What is OPEN WITH POWER in Boulder? - I will start. Please include time, business, and cross streets. As of 5pm Boulder Gas at 38th and Baseline is open. submitted by /u/tossaway78701 [link]
Colorado Democratic Party bans vice-chair after harassment allegations - Sheena Kadi is banned from participating in party events and barred from accessing party resources, after a committee of Democratic party officials determined she harassed other Democrats and violated party
downtown businesses inconsistently affected by power outage - My power went out at home, so I went for a walk downtown to watch the local businesses shut down. It was sad watching food get thrown out at Illegal Pete's as they clean up and shut down. Continuing west down the Pearl St
A street lamp near Canyon I photographed Monday night - submitted by /u/BodyWithout0rgans [link] [comments]
Xcel Energy shuts down power for 55,000 as precaution amid strong winds and high wildfire danger - The utility says they won't restore power until the lines can be checked for damage on
Dagabi Tapas Bar in North Boulder is open! - submitted by /u/Ok-Charge-6699 [link]
PHOTOS: Polar Plunge raises funds for Special Olympics Colorado - Participants braved cold temperatures, cold water and high winds to raise over $180,000 during the Annual Westerra Credit Union Aurora Polar Plunge at the Aurora Reservoir in Aurora, Colorado on Saturday, April 06, 2024. The money raised is one part of
Finding a job in Boulder as a Data Scientist - Hi all, In a recent trip I visited Denver, and also Boulder. It seems to have everything... beautiful nature and nice weather. I'm planning to visit again in two weeks, to see if I can build up a network and find a job
2 tickets to Illegal Smile tonight. - Can't make it tonight. Yours if you want em. Free. submitted by /u/imraggedbutright
What’s everybody doing now? - Now that we have all returned to monke submitted by /u/Himissme [link]
Power is officially out in Boulder - Who still has power? submitted by /u/FluffyKiwi9865 [link]
Power out - Our power in east Boulder just went out. submitted by /u/lamfography [link]
Restaurants closing for power outage? - We work at an east pearl street restaurant. Waiting to see about our power going out to decide if we should be open tonight? Any news of closures across pearl street? Share your decided protocol if you have any. Thanks! submitted by
Longmont police notes: Criminal mischief, trespassing reported - Longmont police notes: Criminal mischief, trespassing
Pueblo County evacuations lifted as Colorado faces more dangerous wildfire weather on Saturday - Evacuations have been lifted in the two fires burning in Pueblo County, but officials warn winds could still force some new
Crowd Sourced Map for Xcel Power Shut-Off - Xcel hasn't published a map of the planned safety power outage that any of us have found, so I've created a collaborative map. If you've received a notice that your power will go out at 3pm, please add a marker to your
Safeway in Louisville (on cherry) has ice - Idk how long it will last, but as of right now, they have a decent stock of ice if you’re looking for some. God speed everyone. submitted by /u/ClickClackTipTap [link]
Xcel shuts power off for 55,000 customers due to high wind, fire danger in Colorado - Xcel will shut off power to 55,000 Colorado customers across six counties for more than 24 hours
Fencewatch 2024: Wind Day - Will it survive? submitted by /u/Glittering_Cricket38 [link] [comments]
Power outage / evacuation check list. - Please add your tips in the comments! Gas pumps and ATMs/credit card processors might now work during power outages. Gas up, and get some cash. Charge your phone. Keep it charged. Turn off do not disturb mode so you receive important notices. Load
Vision Hills fire in Pueblo burning on 107 acres; new pre-evacuation orders issued - The Vision Hills fire burning in Pueblo grew 25 acres Saturday morning -- jumping from 82 acres to 107 by
Does the wind or power cut off mean we need to do anything specific for our solar panels? - We bought our house with solar panels already installed, so we never thought much about what we needed to do with them in emergencies. submitted by /u/cellblock2187 [link]
DO NOT operate electric generators indoors - This includes your home, garage, crawlspace or sheds. What makes this CO gas so dangerous is that when you breathe it in, it replaces the oxygen in your blood. Without oxygen, the cells throughout the body die and organs stop working. Breathe too much
When do the high winds kick in? - Right now weather says 36 mph winds yet it is still pretty calm with maybe 10 mph gusts. When do the high winds take place? submitted by /u/Commercial_Star7216 [link]
Rockies not buying Pete Fairbanks’ claim that balls from Coors Field humidor were “horrible” - Tampa Bay closer Pete Fairbanks blamed the Coors Field humidor for his late-game meltdown in a 10-7 loss to the Rockies Friday
Grading The Week: Does Deion Sanders’ daughter know something CU Buffs fans don’t? - Why should CU fans be nervous about Deion Sanders' daughter entering the transfer portal? Because Coach Prime's tenure in Boulder was -- and always will be — a package
Xcel cuts power to some customers in Boulder County due to high winds - Xcel Energy cut power to some customers in Boulder County in anticipation of extremely high winds