About Boulder Daily

Boulder Daily organizes news and information of interest to Boulderites while providing news and information sources with interested readers.

While we enjoy many wonderful life-style advantages in Boulder, a healthy news and information society is not one of them.

What we rightfully or wrongly call “our news” is in reference to a limited, privatized version of our news and the majority of us will never be allowed to contribute truth to the record.

As citizens of Boulder, we often commit acts of journalism consequently, contribute news and information, and have a say, though we are mostly rejected from the record and our voices remain undiscoverable.

Boulder Daily does not purport to solve this problem, Boulder Daily is a step outward…an exploration into a better way.

Created By Andrew Baron

I was interviewed for a Frontline documentary on the changing news landscape, News War (2007). Nicholas Lemann, Dean of Columbia School of Journalism, was also interviewed. Here is what he had to say:

This was obviously wrong then, and even more wrong now. There is no argument against the critical importance of tried-and-true journalism, however, it’s one of many important components that contribute to our daily news needs. Our times have blown past Lemann’s analysis and any justification for exclusivity and limited capacity with our daily news record.