Bar suggestions🍸 - My friend and I are visiting for the first time. We are in our mid 20’s and looking for a place that isn’t insanely expensive and where we can vibe together. We’re thinking about going to DV8 tonight, but not sure about the rest of the weekend??
What is with all the bunnies… - I don’t mind them but just an observation. I have lived here awhile and I have never seen so many bunnies in my life. There are 10+ in my yard at all times now and the same in every neighbors yard. What has changed to cause this? Lack of predators?
Best bike/setup for navigating Boulder’s mix of asphalt and gravel? - I love heading west of Boulder, so my life is a mix of smooth asphalt and bone-rattling gravel roads. Would love some advice from longtime riders -- what's an ideal bike or setup to handle both? I want the toughness and grip
Looking for John Smith expecting a delivery of a *live* fish - I got a package delivered incorrectly today addressed to John Smith. There is no one at/near my address with that name. The package says it has live fish in it. I don't have a fish tank, so I'm
Another great practice jump into Folsom Field this morning . - Bolder Boulder fun :) Just hoping for great weather Monday submitted by /u/Basehound [link] [comments]
How do you switch your license plate to a new car and privately sell your old car afterwards? - I'm trying to understand the Colorado license plate rule change. I'm looking to purchase a car from a dealership without trading in my old car. I will privately sell the old car afterwards to get a bit more money from
Abysmal results from Boulder High’s Teaching and Learning conditions survey… what is happening there? - Source data: submitted by /u/theoxfordcomma2247 [link] [comments]
Help identifying this beetle - Anyone who’s familiar with insects and beetles, can you identify this one? Round red beetle, no shell markings, but has white stripes down the sides of its head. Little bigger than a ladybug and flatter, not quite as domed. Third pic is my
Why the Colorado labor movement is so mad at Jared Polis - submitted by /u/blucifersdream [link] [comments]
/r/Boulder whats your favorite earworm? I’ll start - 1 877 kars 4 kids, k-a-r-s kars for kids, 1-877 kars 4 kids, donate your car today submitted by /u/Nihilist-Denialist [link]
Uptick in Ticks? - Anyone seeing way more ticks this year? Found 2 in the past week, one crawling on my partner, the other just on a wall in our house. Have seen like 1 in all the years I have been hiking and outside in CO. I assume they
Any Boulder gardeners know how I can save this Columbine plant? - Bought it as a flowering plant a couple weeks or so ago and it’s not doing well. I’ve experimented with various levels of sun hitting it, various locations, etc. This plant wasn’t in my (very beginner level) hometown gardening repertoire and I
furniture store recs? - Hi there. I was thinking of checking out Memorial Day sales for couches. Any recs of stores with a wide variety of fabrics? I have cats and need to find a fabric they won't tear easily. Bought my last sectional from Crate and
Link Loop Trail - Mountain Biking Link Loop outside Boulder submitted by /u/mydreamsupreme [link] [comments]
Found: keys on Flatiron Vista Loop trail - We found this set of keys in the grass along the South Flatirons Vista Loop trail off of 93 this afternoon, and the car key alarm didn’t go off for any cars in the trailhead parking lot. If these are yours, the keys are on the parking fee box
Lost lake via Hessie - Anyone know if it's open/what the conditions are like up there?! Thank you! submitted by /u/Boulderlibertybell
Good gyms between Boulder county and Erie - Hello, r there any good recommendations for gyms around boulder county and Erie? I live in the Louisville area of Boulder county. Is there a place where I and a friend from Erie can both drive a reasonable amount of time there? Thanks!
Looking for community service opportunities in the Boulder area for large groups of people on July 30, 31, and August 1. - I'm working with a group that is running a conference at the Univeristy of Colorado hosting about 6,000 young adults. We are in search of community service volunteer opportunities in the area as an activity during this
Baby groundhogs are out! - submitted by /u/godneedsbooze [link] [comments]
Does anyone know a man in his 60s named Fred F. Jeffers? I have an undelivered letter I’d like to pass onto him. - I found an undelivered letter in Stendhal's The Red and Black in a local used bookstore. His address is in old north Boulder but I see that ownership of that house has been sold multiple times. I just know that he
Anyone know the status of 4th of July Road up by Ned? - Heard the road was melted out but the gate was closed as of last weekend. Wondering if anyone has beta if the gate is/will be open this weekend. Hoping to get out for a ski tour. Thanks! submitted by /u/mtn_annie [link]
Country bar - hello, new to the area just graduated college and am posted here three months for a job project. Are there any bars I can go into the play country music and have decently priced drinks? i'm early 20s but don't really care
Recommendations for Land Art, Sound Art, Light Installations, etc in Colorado? - More James Turrell than Meow Wolf. Off the beaten path is a plus. Not sure if this sub is so interested in art but thought I'd ask. Thank you friends submitted by
Opening Reception tonight for "Tracking Time" @ BMoCA - TONIGHT - Opening Reception for Tracking Time Thursday, May 23 6-8pm @ BMoCA Pay From Your Heart Tracking Time is a two-person exhibition featuring newly commissioned work by painter Noelle Phares and multi-disciplinary artist Chelsea Kaiah. More info
Bolder Boulder running belts? - Hi Boulder! Coming in for the run and there is a ton of conflicting information regarding the bag policies. I just want to know if a standard running belt is allowed (for the run and into the stadium). If you’ve run this before and know I’d love to
How does pre-booked uber work here? - In some states, Uber drivers can be matched for your ride as soon as you pre-book it. In others, Uber begins a search shortly before your ride. What is it here? I'm trying to pre-book an Uber for an early morning
Local sup groups - I bought a stand-up paddle board last year and was really enjoying it. I only got out a couple times. I’m curious if anyone's part of any local stand-up paddle boarding groups? Especially curious to find groups that might
My newest driving game is "how far past expired is their temp tag?" - I have a couple driving games, guess the drunks, count headlights turned off after dark, turn signals are optional, lanes are a suggestion... but my newest one is expired tags. I was impressed with the black tesla that
Summer Baseball Camps for Little Leaguers - North Boulder Little League will be hosting fun baseball skill camps for kids with the help of College Baseball players. Sign your kiddos up and be sure to mention the Collegians sent you. Thanks! submitted by /u/BoulderCollegians
Running the BB with a stroller - I was really looking forward to running with my new child this year but didn't realize strollers are banned entirely. I thought there was a wave specific for this, maybe there was in the past. Has anyone actually used one, is
Restaurants that don’t pool tips - Hi, just curious if anyone knows any restaurants in the downtown Boulder area that don’t pool tips? Trying to help my roommate with a job search and keeping her tips would definitely be nice! Thanks submitted by /u/Cheap-Ad2071 [link]
I need some help from the community, can you help me list every bug in Boulder that could bite you and cause a bacterial infection. - Ticks, bed bugs, chiggers, I'm compiling the whole list if I can. Been in the hospital now a total of 8 days (2 day gap where I got to go home) and I'm being treated for what was a bite that turned into a major skin infection
Airport Neighborhood Op-ed - In case you missed it or do not access to the Daily Camera, here is an op-ed that sums up the case for an Airport Neighborhood. By Anne Wilson In the last two months, the Camera has published three opinion pieces by Jan Burton praising our city-owned
Xcel: you aren’t the only game in town! - Got generator installed. Not whole house which costs about 16 grand. But all the essentials, including heat. Very happy! submitted by /u/Front-Luck-1791 [link]
Running Clubs Recommendations - Hi everyone, I am moving from Dallas and trying to get recommendations for running clubs if possible? I like both trail and road running so up for either type. Hoping to find a club with a good amount of people in their 20 & 30’s, but doesn’t
Middle school swim teams? East Boulder Rec Center - My daughter wants to join a swim team next fall and her middle school doesn't have one. Any recommendations on a welcoming, not hard-core, swim team for a beginner that swims at East Boulder Rec Center? She is strong
Bike Found – Specialized Dolce Women’s - Specialized Dolce abandoned out front of my building this morning. Has custom zigzag pattern wraps and a few california bike registration stickers on it. Serial number is scratched off and I couldn't find it on bikeindex. DM
Are there any hardcore non-denominational churches for young people in Boulder? - Hi!!! For context, I grew as a Unitarian Universalist. This means that I was raised in a church where you can believe pretty much anything. (Chrisianity, Paganism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.) I now am non-religious,