Summer Gear Guide

ALL-PURPOSE Park picnic at 11 a.m., Sunshine Canyon hike at 2 p.m., and a dinner party at 6 p.m.? Try these multi-faceted pieces: Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt Buy at: Roark, 1810 29th St., #1024, Boulder  Price: $79 This multi-functional button-up is airy, comfortable, and perfect for any summer occasion — no wonder adventure lifestyle brand […]

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Farm stand fresh 

Some of us mark the arrival of summer by Memorial Day barbecues or music festivals or simply when the pool opens for the season. Diehard fresh-produce fanatics are a different breed. Their planning calendars are filled with fruits, vegetables and exclamation marks! “The crops that get our customers most excited — and us, too — […]

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Flying high

Getting high is easy for a lot of Coloradans. But staying high can be a challenge.  Such is the case with paragliding — where pilots navigate technical weather patterns searching for thermal lifts (rising hot air) that push the aircraft higher for hours in the clouds.  Without finding thermal lifts, a launch from Boulder’s Wonderland […]

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Drinking alfresco

As our long, cold, gray winter finally — finally — gives way to the spring bloom and the promise of a warm summer, it’s time to partake in one of Colorado’s greatest pleasures: drinking alfresco. Granted, this is something most hardy Coloradans do 365, but in the summertime, when the weather is hot, and sunshine […]

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66 summers of Shakespeare

Tim Orr’s history with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (CSF) began as an actor in 2007 — his favorite roles at the company include Lucio in the 2010 production of Measure for Measure and Horatio in the 2009 production of Hamlet. In 2011 he  joined the staff as the associate producing director and was eventually promoted […]

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Summer sonics

Summer in Boulder County carries a distinct set of visuals: a windows-down drive through the mountains, a picnic at the foot of the Flatirons, the winding route of a weekend hike or a stroll on Pearl Street among the tulips, just to name a few. And since every scene in your summer movie could use […]

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Heating up

The beginning of September brings a sense of regret for all the Boulder-centric things you didn’t do over the summer (along with spray-tanned, Orange County-sourced freshmen). Despite your best intentions and the vision board you made with your therapist in the spring, you spent yet another summer scrolling Instagram only to come to your senses […]

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Now you know: May 25, 2023

New law aims to reduce composting confusion  Gov. Polis signed a bill (SB23-253) on May 17 that sets standards on products represented as compostable to address contamination concerns.  The bill, effective in 2024, sets requirements for products labeled compostable to receive a “certified compostable” verification and adhere to labeling standards. If products are not certified […]

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Risky business

It didn’t take long for the Rayback, a food truck park, bar and event space, to become a beloved Boulder institution. People gather around the fire pit and picnic tables outside, or the couches and chairs inside. Often, both: Its indoor/outdoor space is packed any night of the week with good weather. The business hours […]

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‘So long, farewell’

When the news broke last June that Boulder Dinner Theatre (BDT Stage) owners Gene and Judy Bolles had sold their building on 5501 Arapahoe Ave. for $5.5 million to Quad Capital Partners, the writing was on the wall for the long-running theater company.  “There was a lot of outrage when we announced this was the […]

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