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Opinion: Americans can honor their sacrifice by coming together on Memorial Day - Memorial Day is not just the start of summer or a time for barbecues; it is a day of remembrance, dedicated to honoring the men and women who lost their lives in military service to the United
Opinion: Cash payments to Colorado families might keep kids out of foster care - As someone who’s represented thousands of foster kids in court, I’ve seen firsthand the harm that a lack of resources can do to families trying everything they can to ensure their children
Letters: Misdirected worshipping at the altar of Trump - "The Bible condemns gossip, backbiters, character assassination and false statements. Christ is neither capitalist nor socialist. His kingdom is not of this world. A habitual liar and character assassin is not a good example of fundamental Christian
Schrader: Pueblo’s mayor is wrong, politicians shouldn’t let special interests speak or write for them - Mayor Heather Graham did not write a guest column imploring lawmakers to kill two bills -- a lobbyist
Opinion: Seeking the truth 101 years after my ancestors were interned in Blanding - I tell this story because the jailing of Ute people 101 years ago had devastating consequences for my community and healing is necessary even
Editorial: Still waiting on a bin? City says it’ll take 2 years to “educate” Denver on how to compost. - The city is fully ready to handle compost operations but officials are deliberately withholding services because they are waiting to “educate” neighborhoods one at a time about how to
Letters: Could we one day see stars in Denver again? - "It will never be dark in the city. We will always need traffic lights and directional signage for safety and convenience.  But could we not be darker?" --  A. Lynn Buschhoff,
Sullivan: I didn’t defeat the assault weapons ban, but there are better ways to prevent gun violence - There are many out there who blame the failure of House Bill 1292 on me. But at the end of the day, one person, one lawmaker, one vote, isn't the deciding factor. I was prepared to vote it out of committee to allow for a Senate floor
Millionaires for vacant concrete pads - A new group, Protect Boulder Civic Space (PBCS) group, has sprung up to oppose development of the 11,000-square-foot Civic Use Pad attached to the St Julien Hotel. As I wrote to Boulder’s Planning Board in April, interest in protecting the Civic Use Pad
Opinion: Failure and success enforcing immigration laws on the southern border - “I know you!” Border Patrol agent Hector Covarrubias exclaimed in his rapid-fire Spanish to two women from Torreón, Mexico who he had just detained. We were in a desert area on the U.S. side of the border wall that separates Sunland Park, New Mexico from
Letters: Vail was justified in canceling SeeWalker’s art residency - "The editorial normalizes the aspersion Israel is committing a “genocide,” a legal term that includes the intent to destroy a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. Israel has displayed no such intent." -- Scott Levin,
Suthers and Weiser: Could a Civics Bee help save the republic and the Colorado Way? - The strength of our democracy depends on people engaging in robust, respectful disagreement. When disagreements devolve into personal attacks, and individuals cannot listen to opposing viewpoints, we risk undermining the very foundations of our democratic
Discourse & discord - College students across the nation have risked arrest and expulsion to demand that institutions of higher learning cut financial ties with Israel and/or weapons suppliers, or at least disclose where the money is going and to whom. As CU Denver’s Todd
Editorial: Vail cancels a Lakota artist for her Palestinian sympathies chilling her speech - The Town of Vail attempted to cancel Danielle SeeWalker but public officials only managed to amplify the Denver-based artist’s voice and
The progressives’ Palestine dilemma - By Tom Shelley As I write this, I am having trouble staying on top of what is happening at this or that university campus. It’s wonderful that so much protesting is going on. But I am concerned about the likely fact that there is at least some
Disturbing the peace - By Sean Bodhivajra Scanlan President Biden went on camera recently to wag his finger at all those naughty schoolchildren throughout the country, who, instead of staying home to do their homework, were attending sleepovers at encampments set up on college
Editorial: In Colorado, developers can take your property for their benefit — just ask Palizzi Farms - Debora Palizzi, the owner of Palizzi Farm in Adams County, is learning the hard way that almost any developer in Colorado can be granted the power of eminent domain by city or county
Kafer: Students’ pro-Palestine message is lost in hostility of campus postests - Since the first pro-Palestinian student protest broke out at Columbia University in New York in mid-April, more than 2,800 students, faculty, and activists on 50 college campuses have been arrested for trespassing, assaulting officers, vandalism, and other
Opinion: Finally, the Bureau of Land Management acknowledges its conservation mandate - This so-called “public lands rule” includes a significant, if long overdue, recognition that the agency’s “multiple use” mission includes a conservation
Polis: We cut taxes and funded schools this session but that’s not all - It hasn’t always been easy, but by bringing people to the table -- people who don’t often agree -- and finding innovative solutions to our most complex challenges, we got it
Opinion: Polis’ property tax fix is a bad deal for Colorado taxpayers - These Golden Dome political compromises have continued to miss the
Opinion: Go forth new graduates and make this world a better place - The best today’s college graduates can do is to go out and make use of what they’ve learned and experienced in a world that is spinning and changing right along with
Editorial: Coloradans’ property taxes won’t skyrocket now or in the future, thanks to compromise - The bipartisan deal to extend property tax relief to Colorado homeowners and commercial real estate owners is far superior than any of the highly-partisan and heavy handed ballot measures proposed for this
Opinion: Bring women’s professional sports to Denver - These female athletes are playing for more than one person, one team, or one city. They are playing for something universal to women who know what it's like to make less money, have less power, and be disrespected despite their obvious skills and successes:
Opinion: Fur trapping didn’t stop in 1918 — Colorado hunters still pursue valuable bobcat pelts - Unlike the rest of modern wildlife management, killing bobcats is unregulated, driven not by science but by fur prices. We’re stuck in the 19th Century when market hunters shot boatloads of waterfowl with 10-foot-long, 100-pound “punt