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Biden says each generation has to “earn” freedom, in solemn Memorial Day remarks - President Joe Biden marked Memorial Day with a pledge that the country would continue the work of the nation’s fallen toward a more perfect union, “for which they lived, and for which they
All eyes are on Milwaukee this summer. Here’s what to do beyond the Republican National Convention - The Republican National Convention in July is but one of the attractions drawing visitors to Wisconsin's largest city, where there's more than beer and
As states loosen childhood vaccine requirements, public health experts’ worries grow - Experts worry the renewed opposition to childhood immunizations will reverse state gains in vaccination
Colorado has a new law to reintroduce wolverines. What happens next? - Here’s what you need to know about North American wolverines and Colorado’s plan to bring them
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‘People like to make an example’: Wolf advocate says lobbying accusations are part of political war - An environmental advocate is accused of acting as a professional lobbyist without registering as
PHOTOS: Union members rally at Colorado Capitol over labor bills vetoed by Gov. Polis - Union members gathered at the west steps of the Colorado Capitol to speak out against Gov. Jared Polis' recent vetoes of three union-backed bills in Denver, Colorado on May 23,
As the election nears, Biden pushes a slew of rules on the environment and other priorities - They include a landmark regulation that would force coal-fired power plants to capture smokestack emissions or shut
Trump swaps bluster for silence, and possibly sleep, in his hush money trial - Trump’s demeanor inside the courtroom has, in many ways, been dramatic for its very lack of
Colorado will finally license funeral home directors, conduct routine inspections - Gov. Jared Polis's signatures come after a string of horrifying cases across the state involving funeral homes in recent years, including the illegal sale of body parts and findings of hundreds of decomposing
Colorado’s first-in-nation AI regulations are “a major shift,” experts say, as tech industry pushes back - The state's new law broadly targets the risk of discrimination when companies use AI, while requiring basic levels of
Gov. Jared Polis signs major school funding bill that prioritizes money for rural, low-income districts - Colorado Gov. Jared Polis put his signature on a sweeping school finance bill Thursday, changing the formula that funds the state's public schools for the first time in decades and providing more than $80 million to districts in the next
Biden has slight edge in N.H., UML poll shows - A poll of 600 likely New Hampshire voters shows that the 45th President would lose the Granite State for a third time running if the general election were held
White House pushes tech industry to shut down market for sexually abusive AI deepfakes - The victims — be they celebrities or children — have little recourse to stop the
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A comment from Trump and GOP actions in the states put contraceptive access in the 2024 spotlight - Republican state lawmakers across the U.S. have been knocking down efforts by Democrats to ensure access to various forms of birth
Colorado Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera hospitalized with skin infection - Information about what led to the infection and hospitalization was not available
After Colorado leaders protest, Congress scales back proposal to move National Guard units to Space Force - A congressional committee on Wednesday scaled back a U.S. military proposal that would have allowed it to force the transfer of potentially hundreds of Colorado Air National Guard members to the Space
A program to move unhoused folks directly into permanent housing secured city funding, but sustainability is an issue - City Council approved a $5 million contract with Housing Connector, a nonprofit that connects people experiencing homelessness to property
TikTok ban is popular with voters as AI stirs privacy fears, poll shows - More than half of respondents in seven battleground states predicted a negative impact from AI on privacy, with nearly half seeing a future negative impact on jobs, the poll
Election year politics roil the EV transition - The U.S. auto industry faces a triple threat on the road to cleaner cars and
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Key results from primaries in Kentucky, Georgia, Oregon and Idaho - Some races featured fierce competition to run in races that will be on the November battleground, and one featured possible meddling by the opposing party to get a preferred
What’s in a name? A Trump embraces ex-president’s approach in helping lead Republican Party - Since being elected co-chair of the Republican National Committee in March, Lara Trump has worked to reshape the party in Donald Trump's
How lawmakers decided to spend the TABOR surplus (or not) in 2024 - The surplus can be used for TABOR refunds — or to fund a range of social and business
Boulder County to test ballots, equipment for election - The Boulder County Elections Division will run ballot and equipment testing from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's office, 1750 33rd St., to prepare for the June primary
What are the betting odds for first Donald Trump-Joe Biden debate? - The betting line opened at pick’em at, an offshore sportsbook that operates illegally in the U.S. The two were each listed at
Donald Trump rests defense case without taking stand at historic hush money trial - Prosecutors said they had nothing more to present to rebut the defense’s
After surviving kitchen table amputation, Gazan teen injured in war gets artificial leg in Colorado - Ahed Bseiso, a Gazan teenager, survived an Israeli bombing iand then an emergency amputation. Now, she's in a Englewood prosthetic clinic, a world away from the war, as she tested out her new
Trump or Biden? Either way, US seems poised to preserve heavy tariffs on imports - Biden and Trump agree on essentially nothing. Yet on trade policy, the two presumptive presidential nominees have embraced surprisingly similar
Election deniers moving closer to GOP mainstream, report shows, as Trump allies fill Congress - As Trump makes a comeback bid to return to power, Republicans in Congress have become even more likely to cast doubts on Biden’s 2020
Denver buying gym-turned-migrant shelter in Athmar Park neighborhood for $4 million - The roughly 10,000-square-foot building has room for 120 people for either daytime or nighttime sheltering, city officials
Colorado’s first lawmaker to use a wheelchair won’t seek reelection but peers hope his impact on disability rights remains - Ortiz's presence at the statehouse gave disability rights issues a whole new light and was felt even before he was officially sworn into
Gov. Jared Polis rankles fellow Democrats with vetoes of wage-theft bill, other measures - Colorado Gov. Jared Polis' first vetoes following this year's legislative session included a bill aimed at fighting wage theft in the construction industry that he said "would not punish the real
A proposal to give city workers like librarians collective bargaining rights has two paths to your ballot - Denver is one of the largest Democratically run cities in the country without collective bargaining rights for city
Denver offers bonuses to some teens, young adults who work summer jobs in an effort to reduce youth violence - The city of Denver announced Monday that it would pay $1,000 bonuses to qualifying young people who log at least 100 hours at a job this summer as part of a youth violence-reduction
Michael Cohen testifies he stole from Trump Org at hush money trial - Michael Cohen testified that he stole from the Trump Organization when he returned to the witness stand for the end of his cross-examination Monday at Donald Trump’s hush money trial in
Nikki Haley faces a murky path forward and a key decision on whether or not to endorse Trump - Haley's allies and opponents alike are awaiting her decision on whether to endorse Trump. Haley's eventual move could shape not only this year's presidential race but her own political
Jesus is their savior, Trump is their candidate. Ex-president’s backers say he shares faith, values - Donald Trump’s support from white evangelicals and other conservative Christians is as strong as
Noncitizen voting, already illegal in federal elections, becomes a centerpiece of 2024 GOP messaging - Voting by people who aren't U.S. citizens is illegal in federal elections, and there is no indication it’s happening anywhere in significant
Here’s how Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could make the first debate stage under stringent Biden-Trump rules - To make the first debate stage, Robert F. Kennedy has to secure a ballot place in at least a dozen more states and improve his showing in national
Will Colorado’s new land-use laws kickstart housing? Experts laud changes, but now the real work begins. - The suite of landmark zoning and land-use reform laws passed by Colorado lawmakers this year should help alleviate the housing crisis, national experts say, while catapulting the Centennial State into the ranks of other housing
Colorado officials fight military’s attempt to move Air National Guard members to U.S. Space Force - Nearly 400 from space group could face transfer into nation's newest military