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Out of the void

The concept of Shoshin arose from the teachings of 13th-century Buddhist priest and philosopher Dōgen Zenji. Practitioners of the ancient discipline are taught to keep one’s “original mind” — a state of being where your consciousness is empty and ready for all possibilities.  There’s something of this Zen practice in the music of Sunn O))) […]

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‘The rest is noise’

When the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra kicked off its 65th season last October, it had the whole world in mind. Ozymandias: To Sell a Planet, the world-premiere collaboration between music director Michael Butterman and composer Drew Hemenger, incorporated U.N. climate reports, Indigenous texts and speeches by activist Greta Thunberg into a stirring evening of music that […]

The post ‘The rest is noise’ appeared first on Boulder Weekly.

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