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Twitter drama too much? Mastodon, others emerge as options

Twitter has been a bit of a mess since billionaire Tesla CEO took helm, cutting the company’s workforce in half, overhauling the platform’s verification system, sparring with some users and acknowledging that “dumb things” might happen as he reshapes one of the world’s most high-profile information ecosystems. It’s not clear if the drama is causing many users to leave. In fact, having a front seat to the chaos may even prove entertaining to some. But lesser-known sites such as Mastodon and even Tumblr are emerging as new or renewed alternatives.

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What’s happening at bankrupt crypto exchange FTX?

Problems mounted over the weekend for collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which was struggling to account for money that went missing hours after it filed for bankruptcy. The embattled cryptocurrency exchange, short billions of dollars, sought bankruptcy protection Friday after experiencing the crypto equivalent of a bank run. Then, on Saturday, FTX confirmed there was “unauthorized access” to its accounts that caused some funds to vanish. Analysts say hundreds of millions of dollars may have disappeared. The unraveling of the once-giant exchange is sending shockwaves through the industry. Companies that backed FTX are writing down investments, and the prices of bitcoin and other digital currencies have been falling.

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