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Building access hours changing

CU Boulder is implementing updated access control plans for campus building access that emphasize safety and building security while still providing convenient access for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Changes will be effective Sunda…

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Make the most of career fairs

Career fairs provide an excellent opportunity to meet with employers hiring for various positions across multiple industries. Here are some tips for making the most of the fall career fairs.

Career Development

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Take this year’s Constitution Day quiz

Constitution Day is Sunday, Sept. 17, and to celebrate, Colorado Law’s Byron R. White Center for the Study of Constitutional Law invites you to participate in a quiz about the U.S. Constitution.

Take the Quiz

If you score 100% correct, your name wil…

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Pioneering physics center gets $25 million

Today, the U.S. National Science Foundation announced $25 million for a pioneering physics center on the CU Boulder campus—potentially paving the way for new discoveries around everything from the behavior of the humble electron to…

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